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We use AI to make your work reach the world

For years photographers around the world have relied on word-of-mouth to get more business. We are here to change that by revolutionizing how images are shared.

Our cutting edge AI ensures that your work reaches everyone present at any event. No more hoping to get recommended, no more spending time on mindless instagram promotion, no more being hassled from client on 'when will I get the images'?


Anand Rathi
Founder & CEO

Anand was named in the Top 100 photographers in the world in 2019. He has a background in computer engineering, equity trading and corporate finance. He is also the founder of Reels and Frames, one of India's leading wedding photography company with clients including Akash Ambani, Sonam Kapoor, Rana Dagubatti and many more.

Sourabh Pisolkar
Director of Engineering

Sourabh comes with a rich experience of scaling cloud based applications (with as many as 7 Mn DAU) in entertainment sector. He has also spearheaded large scale teams in executive position.

Reuben Gomes
VP of Engineering

Reuben has a stellar track record of building banking solutions for large banks. He is also a polyglot with vast experience of designing scalable architecture.

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